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    When we think of ‘origin’, Kelston Round Hill is to us Synonymous.  This lush grassy knoll just outside Bath with its clump of trees and views over Somerset, is not just our namesake, but the backyard of where our roastery was founded.  It’s our origin, and it was there that our journey started.  That Journey has taken us to distant origins with their own hills, on whose slopes some of the world’s greatest coffees are produced by the world’s best farmers. 


    From our approach to roasting to the colours of our packaging, we pay homage to the vivid character of our coffees.  Bright and vibrant… candy for grownups.  




    When roasting coffee we are aiming to highlight seasonality, the taste of the farm, the crop and the environment it was grown in. It is largely down to this focus on terroir that we work in harmony with the growing seasons, a focus that is rewarded with getting to roast the freshest and most flavoursome coffee. Much like strawberries, asparagus or tomatoes; coffee is best enjoyed in season.


    By the time we get green beans in the roastery, most of the hard work has been done, there are no miracles we can perform to improve coffee we can only highlight and accentuate what is already there. The reality is that you can very quickly undo all of the good work that’s gone into a coffee as a roaster as you’re dealing with high temperatures and quick times. A farmer’s harvest can be undone in ten minutes if the coffee is badly roasted, that’s a real pressure and that’s what keeps us developing, changing and learning. It is for this reason that we invest heavily in our roasting equipment buying the best possible equipment and in terms of time and effort ensuring that our equipment is well maintained and regularly cleaned. These days we roast on a brand new Probat P25.